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Water is Life.  Never waste a drop.


A simple principle guides Horto-Logic. All plants require water to grow, but they have to raise it from roots in the soil to the leaves where it is used. Lifting water requires a lot of energy, and plants have only one source - sunlight on their leaves. This means that plants can only absorb water at a very slow rate.

Conventional irrigation is wasteful

When we irrigate conventionally, we are supplying water hundreds or even thousands of times faster than the plant can absorb it. The result? Most water is lost to the environment, and if we fertilize, run-off carries the nutrients away with it. Even drip irrigation supplies water much too quickly.   

How to grow plants better with less

Horto-Logic devices supply water and nutrients at the same rate as the plant can absorb it. Moisture is applied directly to the roots and the plant absorbs nearly everything that is supplied. Negligible waste means that we can irrigate plants successfully with extremely small amounts of water and fertilizer.  What is more, plants love the constant, gradual supply of water and nutrients and grow rapidly.

We grow plants faster and better,

with less water and fertilizer.


Appropriate Technology

Simple. Intuitive. Local.

Horto-Logic achieves high plant growth rates with a minimum of water and nutrients and without complex infrastructure 


I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.

Dr Seuss, The Lorax