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Water is Life.  Never waste a drop.


The Water-Witch™ converts a used Carbonated Soft Drink Bottle into an Plant Survival Device that sustains plants, unattended, for up to 60 days

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All plants require water to grow, however they have to pull it from their roots to their leaves where it is used. Lifting water requires a lot of energy, and plants have only one source - sunlight. As a result plants absorb water at a very slow rate.

Conventional irrigation is wasteful

When we irrigate conventionally, we are supplying water hundreds, or even thousands of times faster than the plant can absorb it from the soil. The result? Most water is lost to the environment, and if we fertilize, run-off carries the nutrients away with it. Even drip irrigation supplies water much too quickly.   

How to grow plants better with less

The Water-Witch™ supplies water and nutrients matched to the very slow rate that the plant can extract it. Applied directly to the roots, the plant absorbs nearly all that is supplied. This allows us to raise plants with extremely small amounts of water.  What is more, plants love the constant, gradual supply of water and nutrients, and grow more rapidly than when subject to intermittent watering.

We grow plants faster and better,

with less.

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Appropriate Technology

Minimum water. Infrequent replenishment. Reliable growth. Using repurposed waste plastic.


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